What makes ECF`s service better? We listen.

We are listening to your questions and requirements, we are constantly adapting ourselves to our customers.


  • You choose to send goods to our warehouse directly from your stock or your supplier;
  • We pick up the goods and make a check;
  • Data about the goods are entered into our system, you have full supervision over the amount;
  • We connect our system to your web store or sales platform account;
  •  Our system collects automatically the orders that your store received;
  • We pack and prepare your goods for shipment;
  • We send parcels via the courier of your choice;
  • The customer will receive the shipment within guaranteed time;
  • If the customer wants to return the goods – no problem, we’ll take care of it and let you know about the return;
  • A satisfied customer is a customer who will come back again; speed and quality of service is a priority in sales!

Your Benefits

  • More time to focus on your sales development;
  • No fixed cost, everything is fully variable;
  • Guaranteed fast shipping to the final customers;
  • Highest standard of service;
  • Simple and transparent price structure;
  • No more troubles with hiring and employees;
  • Fully automatised process;

Our price is competitive

Packing: from £1.25 per order
Stocking: from £3.75 /week/pallet
We have guaranteed delivery to your final customers !