Our Story

Forget about the time spent in the warehouse, the daily packing of parcels, the lack of space for new deliveries. Develop your sales and win the market, and leave us to handle all your orders with greatest care, minimised mistakes and guaranteed delivery time.


Our Mission

We want to provide small and medium enterprises with access to technologies, tools and services that currently only have large companies, with the scale effect, we want to bring a real impact on the development of the british e-commerce market.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to leverage the centralised modern warehouse to bring the high quality fulfilment service to very business at reasonable cost.

Our Promise

We promise to ensure the transparency, simplicity and flexibility of our service to contribute to the success of your company. We commit easing your logistical headaches so that you can focus on what you do best – developing your business. We commit do supporting the growth of your company and providing you with service excellence.

Why Chose Us


Our e-commerce adventure began in 2010, when we developed our own e-commerce sales channels. We have many years of experience in this industry.


With our own experience we know how fast the e-commerce market is developing and the bottleneck for most businesses is order processing (receiving sales order, packing, shipping, handling returns).

Our offer

We offer the highest quality fulfilment service on the British market: we can handle any number of shipments and guarantee the highest standard of service. Our offer is also very helpful to people who have just  started their own business: you have an “Amazon idea” of products, but no warehouse no time to pack? We are here to help.